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OPUS Goldpress 5 Foiling Machine

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Easy to use Goldpress 5 is perfect for hot print stamping and embossing for small or larger text and logos, for all types of covers: hard, soft, plastic, leather, textured surfaces. The Goldpress 5 gives you a 100 × 200 mm surface to hot print stamp on. Now you can hot print stamp on the whole length of the covered channels from the METALBIND System
through the openings on each side, letting you move the channel to any position. With the GOLDCHANNEL base set* (set sold separately) you can also hot print stamp on spines of C-BIND System.


Maximum matrix size: 100 x 200 mm
Temperature regulation range: 20 - 150°C
Maximum cover width (without side limiter): 305 mm
Maximum width of the cover (with side limiter): 265 mm
Maximum pressure: 2000 kg
Force pressing adjustment: No
LCD display: Yes
Stamps couter: Yes
Automatic film rewinding: No
Power supply: 220 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum power consumption: no data
Rated power: 600 W


• net weight: 28.6 kg
• gross weight: 30.5 kg


• height: 280 mm
• width: 362 mm
• depth: 548 mm